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Greater than the echo generated by 12 years in the world-wide professional audio industry Recognizing our capacity to understand the needs of our customers. Beyond the professionalism of our people.The latest in technology and the highest standards needed to face any manufacturing requirements. Goes beyond the stage… Always having a solution, Sensey Electronics presents:

Acoustic Cabinet Division

Sensey Electronics, Acoustic Cabinet Division offers a solution for companies with world-wide presence, that are looking for optimization on operational costs, and those which require a production facility as an auxiliary infrastructure through a partner with the same quality and capacity level, in which they can place their trust and prestige.

Since 1997, Sensey Electronics designs and manufactures high performance products through a process under strict international standards resulting in versatility, efficiency, and speed.
Our modern infrastructure, with 4000 square meters of work space has a capacity of 75,000 monthly hours to fulfill any requirement.
We possess a large capacity warehouse and 3 loading docks to facilitate the control of shipments, also a logistic area with procedures and policies to guarantee speed in the distribution and shipment of merchandise any where our clients require.  Thanks to our strategic location, we can reach any global  location.  We are next to the most important freight transportation companies, five minutes from the bus terminal, ten minutes from Guadalajara’s International airport, and the Ferropuerto Bay connecting with the United States, the Port of Manzanillo to reach Asia, and the Port of Veracruz to reach Europe.
We use the integral administration system in all of the company’s processes with the world standard SAP and a CITRIX remote connection that assures our clients optimum attention from anywhere in the world and directly to their addresses; which is essential in a field that asks for speed and punctual solutions,  because the “show must go on”. 
This is possible thanks to the effort, dedication and professionalism of a group of people in each production phase and the structured service that follows each project. 
We operate within an engineering area that uses the latest technology, sophisticated software tools, such as the CAD platform, and a measurement laboratory with equipment such as LEAP, LMS, and Audio Precision to obtain products within industry standards. 
We reach our productive capacity thanks to our special links with CNC Work Centers and pneumatic equipment that synchronize, standardize, and optimize the carpentry and finishing departments that are operated by a specialized team for each process.
CNC Work Centers / Woodwork Center.

In the machinery area the key is speed and precision. The quality of our products is assured because they are made with the precision obtained through computerized numerically controlled machines using the most advanced Italian robotic technology, reproducing elaborate designs with the assistance of CAD during the cutting, grooving, profiling, and molding processes at speeds of more than 15 meters a minute, with a margin of error of less than a tenth of a millimeter assuring perfect assembly that helps with the structural strength and product durability. 
These machines feed the assembly and finishing departments with an ideal rhythm, limiting the need for re-work due to the low margin of error.      

Adaptability is the word in this phase.
Our finishes include the application of polyurea elastomers with machines that combine resins and catalysts, mixed at high pressures and reacting in seconds, speeding the process and permitting piece handling in only a few minutes.
The finishing is applied in a sophisticated cabin with filtering technology and   environmentally friendly aerosol water , purifying 95% of the emissions into the atmosphere.
We also offer finishings for:
Cabinet carpets
Urethane painting
Epoxy painting
Elastoflex – a material that has become our specialty thanks to its extraordinary properties of durability, flexibility, and resistance to high impact, abrasion and UV rays.
In Sensey Electronics’ Acoustic Cabinet Division, we have taken advantage of our experience, recognized service, and adaptability to specific necessities in each project that has allowed us to attain great success, becoming protagonists in the professional audio industry in Mexico.
With a unique vision, clear objectives, the use of new technologies and processes, and the latest in audio engineering:

Sensey Electronics – Goes beyond the stage